Synergies in Integrated Systems

Work Packages

The Project has the following work packages:

WP1 Standardized data collection

  • History of crops, pasture and trees species used in the system, including yields and management (inputs, operations)
  • Soil fertility data (stratified per layers), including chemical, physical and biological aspects
  • Climate data set (30 yr time spam)
  • Previous datasets for GHG and auxiliary variables

WP2 Circularity metrics

  • Evaluate current state of system by following indicators Feed sufficiency, Share of nutrient recycled in system, Waste exported out of system , near real-time GHG emission estimations

WP3 Alternate scenarios and Optimization to improve circularity

  • Use manure DNDC model to find optimal circularity measures

WP4 Multidimensional Assessment and Optimization with Farmers

  • Evaluate the status quo of sustainability and circularity on the farms based on multidimensional tools and WP2 indicators
  • Integrate outputs of WP3 and WP2 by assessment of trade-offs with other sustainability goals and socio-economic aspects on-farm, define interventions

WP5 Synthesis, communication and dissemination

  • Inter-compare potential for circularity in various agriculture systems across biogeographic regions
  • Compare integrated systems before and after implementation of circular measures
  • Identify scalable circular measure contribute to improved productivity and net-zero